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Mazetepic Spawn Overview

Our inoculated grain spawn is used for indoor production of mushrooms using manure-based bulk substrate. Grain spawn comes fully colonised with a high-output isolated sub-strain cloned for maximum yield and minimum incubation time. The bags have breathable contaminant-filtering .2micron filter patches and weigh approximately 3.5 lbs each.

Mazetepic Instructions – Beginner

These are a great mushroom for beginner indoor cultivators. They are reliable producers and are forgiving with contaminants.

Mazetepic grain spawn can be mixed into sterilised or pasteurised manure-based substrate within a mono-tub to eventually fruit out.

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Strain Overview

Mushroom spawn Mazatapec mushroom is a cubensis strain found all around Mexico and is considered to be one of the original magic mushroom strains. The Mazatec are the indigenous people of Mexico and they used these mushrooms for religious and spiritual ceremonies.

The shroom features long, off-white stems speckled with orange or blue colours that often curve, tapering as they attach to the cap.


These shrooms are perfect for beginners who seek a more spiritual experience, typical reports back describe highly visual and euphoric and divine experiences.

Mushroom spawn

The mushroom mycelium can take between 14 – 21 days to fully colonise a grain spawn bag. Time frames may vary dependant on the species used and incubation temperature. The grain spawn bag can be shaken to evenly distribute the colonised grains throughout the substrate to increase the rate of colonisation.
Treat injecting the spawn bag just like a substrate jar. 3. Flame the needle until it becomes red hot, wait 3 seconds for it to cool. Push the nee- dle about 1/2 inch into the bag and inject about 2-3 cc’s of spores.
When to fruit: The block should become colonised with mycelium after two to three weeks. Allow an extra few days for consolidation of mycelium. When the block looks well colonised with white mycelium, its ready to fruit.
⇒ Place your spawn bags in a warm, dark location (74-77 degrees optimally) and leave to incubate. Unlike jars, Spawn bags colonize from the inside out so you will most likely won’t see any mycelium growth for 7-14 days.
Spawn usually live for 2-4 months in cold storage. Be sure to use the spawn within that time so your mushrooms grow properly. The sooner you use the spawn, the more likely it is to grow mushrooms successfully. The exception is plug spawn, which can last 6 months in the refrigerator. mushroom spawn
mushroom spawn.

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14 grams, 2 ounces, 28 grams, 4 ounces

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