How to Microdose Mushrooms
How to Microdose Mushrooms


How to Microdose Mushrooms, if you’re new to the practice of microdosing, read on to learn about what microdosing is, how to do it, and the promising results of research focusing on microdosing mushrooms, as well as more extensive findings based on the experiences of microdosers.

  • What is microdosing?
  • How much should I microdose?
  • How often should I microdose?
  • How will microdosing make me feel?

How to Microdose Mushrooms

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing is taking a small amount, usually between 0.1 and 0.5 g, of psilocybin mushrooms in order to obtain a lot of the same benefits of a larger dose of psilocybin without the psychedelic effects, which imply a greater time commitment than the effects of a microdose and are simply not everyone’s cup of tea.


There’s no easy answer to this one. Why not? Because everyone’s body is different!

Factors as simple as one’s height and as complex as one’s individual biochemistry mean that different people will respond differently to the very same dose.

That being said, many people do great with a psilocybin microdose of 0.15-0.3 grams.

Many experts recommend starting low and slow before gradually (gradually) working your way up. You can always increase your dose into the 0.5-1 gram range later, after spending a few weeks getting orientated with what a beginner’s microdose feels like!

You might still be wondering how to actually consume a microdose of magic mushrooms. Do I have to bite off a very small piece of mushroom? Do I need to take out a kitchen scale to measure an exact amount? Well, yes, and yes; you can certainly do both those things. However, you can also buy ready-to-consume, precisely dosed, and labelled microdoses in many presentations and concentrations of psilocybin. Ready to shop? Check out our selection of microdose psilocybin capsules today!


We’ll leave this one to the experts. In his book “Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide,” Dr. James Fadiman gives some helpful hints about microdosing frequency. Fadiman recommends microdosing once every three days:Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, for example.

The time of day matters, too. According to Fadiman microdosing in the evening could mess with your sleep schedule, so try to take your microdoses in the morning. Then again, keep in mind just how important it is to find what works for you. If you only have time to microdose on Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, then just stick to that!

Another microdosing plan involves taking very small amounts of ‘shrooms for four out of every seven days: four days on, three days off. This plan is lovingly referred to as the ‘Stamets Stack’ — named after mycologist Paul Stamets — and it features psilocybin alongside a B vitamin called niacin.

One thing to note: it’s not recommended that you microdose every day. Taking days off every once in a while can help you maintain your sensitivity to ‘shrooms. The way this works gets pretty complex, but researchers have found that taking psilocybin too often less sensitive serotonin 5-HT2B receptors.

How to Microdose Mushrooms



In a few words…really good.

Dr. James Fadiman says that people who microdose simply tend to have “really good day[s]…you know, that kind of day when things kind of work.” Getting into your zone/groove/flow state tends to just be easier, as does avoiding the little distractions and mental hangups that so easily bog down the entire day.

Many people find that microdosing creates a slightly antidepressant effect which quickly leads to other positive changes. Just think: wouldn’t you be more creative, more motivated, and more productive if any hint of depression was gone? Probably so.

Microdosing can also heighten one’s awareness. Sci-fi writer Aldous Huxley used to compare the mind-expanding nature of psychedelics to the opening of a filter, a filter that previously wasn’t letting you see much. Indeed, many people who try microdosing find that it allows them to see things about themselves, others, and the outside world that they’d never noticed before.

How to Microdose Mushrooms

But just as important as all these potential benefits is paying attention to how you feel. If you’ve never tried microdosing before, there’s really no telling how it’ll affect you. You may notice a little difference, you may notice a lot — you may notice nothing at all. Consider taking a day off work and laying low at home the first day you microdose. You might even want to keep a dosing journal where you document what works for you.

One of microdosing’s biggest benefits, in the long run, is improved creativity. Writers write better…musicians play better…artists make better art. According to Joe Rogan, even MMA fighters fight better when under the influence of a few tenths of a gram of ‘shrooms! Could it be that ‘shrooms actually increase what experts call proprioception, the connection between mind and movement? Only more research will tell.

How to Microdose Psilocybin Mushrooms

Since microdoses are such small amounts of magic mushrooms, these doses can be taken more frequently than psychedelic doses. People who microdose will usually consume psilocybin on a weekday and go about their lives as usual, including going to work or school. In fact, as we have seen, many microdosers take psilocybin to help them learn or to enhance creativity, which can help with work-related projects.

There is no standard way to microdose since our knowledge of microdosing is still in infancy. However, we do know that our bodies quickly build up a tolerance to psilocybin, so most people intersperse microdose days with rest days to allow psilocybin to once again make its full impact.

Probably the most common microdosing schedule is the one proposed by Dr. Fadiman. Dr. Fadiman proposed leaving three days between microdoses so that all psilocybin would be flushed out of the body before taking another dose. Another possible schedule is the one recommended by mushroom enthusiast Paul Stamets, who suggests taking a microdose of psilocybin every day for four days and then resting for three.

How to Microdose Mushrooms

Users now have more choices than ever when it comes to taking magic mushrooms. You might want to simply eat dried magic mushrooms or even take shroom-infused products such as capsules, gummies, chocolates, or magic mushroom tea. You can find all of these products online at Psilocybin Garden

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