Best Magic Mushrooms They say variety is the spice of life……and this phrase probably also applies to magic mushroom strains.

Yet variety isn’t all that helpful if you don’t know how to find a magic mushroom strain that works for you.

This guide is designed to help you escape decision fatigue and find a strain (or several strains!) that fit your life. In it we’ll be looking at the best shroom strains for:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business people
  • Strength athletes
  • Endurance athletes

Users now have more choices than ever when it comes to taking magic mushrooms. You might want to simply eat dried magic mushrooms or even take shroom-infused products such as capsules, gummies, chocolates, or magic mushroom tea. You can find all of these products online at Psilocybin Garden

Best Magic Mushrooms


African Transkei’s are one of the most popular varieties of psilocybin out there.

Transksei’s are a potent strain: they provide epic visuals and rich sensory experiences. While small in size, Transkei’s are big in effects. The body high they induce is perfect for getting out in nature, getting inspired, and coming back inside to draw or paint. During a trip you might see colours more clearly — or even begin to see fractalized patterns behind everything. If that’s not geared towards artmaking, we don’t know what is!

High-dose Transkei usage can get pretty intense, so stay away from these types of doses unless you’re an artist who also happens to be a seasoned psychonaut.


Penis Envy is a polarizing, powerful, and punchy psilocybin strain. Love it or hate it, but either way, you can’t deny that Penis Envy has changed the face of the shroom world. According to legend the strain was developed in the 1970s by Terence McKenna himself — and it’s been a favorite ever since.

Get your dosage up high enough and you may begin to experience something called synesthesia. Synesthesia is defined as the crossing of senses — for example, ‘seeing’ sounds or ‘hearing’ colours — and it’s experienced by a surprising number of iconic musicians.

Everyone from classical pianists like Messiaen to modern rap artists like MF Doom has credited synesthesia with some of their success. If you’re an aspiring musician, consider using Penis Envy shrooms to tap into this interesting state yourself! [1]


Golden Teachers are one of the most beloved shroom strains out there. Maybe it’s the gentle, welcoming high…maybe it’s the delightful visual states…maybe it’s the insights and revelations that are so common with this strain. Or maybe it’s a combination of all three qualities!

Regardless, Golden Teachers are a great strain for almost anyone. And they might be especially great for entrepreneurs. Why?

Well, if you think about it, entrepreneurship requires a whole lot of creativity. Entrepreneurs are rewarded for staying ahead of the curve — and often penalized for being slow to respond to customer demands. The best entrepreneurs are often the most flexible, forward-thinking ones. And Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teachers) could help with that.

In other good news, Golden Teachers are also great for those who are new to psychedelics. They feel much gentler and ‘safer’ than some of the stronger psilocybin strains. Golden Teachers also possess powerful spiritual properties.

Best Magic Mushrooms


This one is a little less quantifiable than our other categories. Different types of athletes tend to like different types of strains. Favourite strains differ based on any given athlete’s personality, too.

For these reasons we’ll mention two of the most popular strains for athletes: Super Thai and Mazatapec. The use of Mazatapec mushrooms among athletes is especially interesting.

For those unfamiliar, Mazatapec’s were first introduced by Mexico’s Mazatec people, a mountain-dwelling tribe from the state of Oaxaca. [2] The Mazatec’s are known for their truly holistic view of health; they’re highly spiritual and highly athletic. Today’s athletes might be able to tap into similarly holistic fitness levels by consuming this tribe’s namesake strain!

Despite what you might be thinking, athletes often do best taking a moderate dose, not a microdose, of their favourite shroom variety. But more on dosing next.


Let’s say you’ve found the right shroom strain for you. Great! Next you’ll want to find the right dosage.

You can check out this dedicated guide for more info on that…or you can just start off slowly via a technique called microdosing.

“While full-dose therapies include perception-distorting properties,” one study’s authors noted, “microdosing may provide complementary clinical benefits using lower-risk, non-hallucinogenic doses.” Microdosing is sorta like having your cake and eating it too —  only far more holistic. [3]

Best Magic Mushrooms

How does microdosing work? Good question. Some studies show that it may boost your brain’s levels of BDNF, a specialized protein that enables new neurological connections. [4] With these connections come all sorts of benefits:

  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced mood
  • Emotional stability
  • Mindfulness and presence
  • Openness and self-forgiveness
  • Increased empathy and sociability
  • Increased sense of connection to others
  • Relief from depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, PTSD
  • Reduced learn helplessness, increased ability to change
  • Increased enjoyment of physical activity and everyday tasks
  • Enhanced athletic endurance, reflex time, and proprioception
  • Increased energy levels (without anxiety or subsequent energy crash)

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Best Magic Mushrooms

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