What Are Magic Mushrooms?

About magic mushrooms If you’re not familiar with the incredible effects of magic mushrooms, you might wonder what exactly they are and how they differ from other types of mushrooms. The term “magic mushrooms” doesn’t refer to a single species of mushroom. But rather a range of mushrooms that contain psychotropic chemicals such as psilocybin and psilocin.

Magic mushrooms are named as such because, when consumed, they can induce effects that feel psychedelic and even magical to some users. The usage of magic mushrooms spans many generations, and they’ve historically been used for a variety of spiritual, medicinal, and recreational purposes.

Similar to marijuana, there are many strains of magic mushrooms, with popular examples including Blue Meanies, Golden Teachers, Arenal Volcano, and Penis Envy. All of these mushrooms are packed with psychoactive chemicals and can induce a powerful and long-lasting trip when taken.

About magic mushrooms

When humans eat these mushrooms, the psilocybin is converted into psilocin – an active form of the chemical that induces a range of physical and mental changes. Many shrooms also contain other psychoactive chemicals that contribute to the effects you experience. You can also experience the effects of magic mushrooms by taking shroom capsules or edibles that have been infused with magic mushroom extracts.

Where to get Shrooms

Users now have more choices than ever when it comes to taking magic mushrooms. You might want to simply eat dried magic mushrooms or even take shroom-infused products such as capsules, gummies, chocolates, or magic mushroom tea. You can find all of these products online at Psilocybin Garden


Whether you’re looking to decrease your anxiety, enhance your creativity, expand your thoughts, or even hallucinate, magic mushrooms can have all kinds of fascinating effects on your body and brain. Although taking too much can lead to a bad trip, magic mushrooms can lead to incredibly positive experiences as long as they’re used responsibly.

What is a ‘Trip’?

What is an actual psilocybin Shrooms psychedelic trip like? Well, for starters, the experience varies from person to person depending on many things like mood, mental state, body mass index (BMI), metabolism, and water content. The best explanations, however, can come from those who have actually ingested shrooms and can provide accounts of what their experience was while on one of these trips. According to Michael Pollan’s experience in an article titled “What it’s Like to Trip on the Most Potent Magic Mushroom”, after first ingesting shrooms in the form of a tea along with his wife as company for the experience, there was this feeling of wanting to be still and not move about much, as well as to sit indoors in a safe and quiet space.

Strong visuals began to form when his eyes were closed, like geometric patterns and shapes moving around under his eyelids. Michael’s wife decided to keep her eyes closed and take in all the shapes and patterns while Michael decided he would rather go for a walk and absorb all the sounds and visuals he was getting from his garden. He described being able to see complicated patterns in the air that dragonflies were following, and a glow coming from his plants. The most interesting thing he said was, “Everything is interaction and reciprocal. I myself am identical to nature. ” There seems to be this intrinsic unification of self and nature, and this is what gives the experience an almost mystical feel.

About magic mushrooms

Let’s move on to another experiencer who has not only tried shrooms but also studies them professionally. Sara Gael, Zendo Project’s Director of Harm Reduction, and the Harm Reduction Advocate for the Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel says. “Psilocybin significantly alters the perception of reality. Effects can range from positive to negative and are unique to every individual. Some effects of psilocybin include elevated mood or euphoria, creativity, mystical or spiritual experiences. Dissolution of the ego and altered perception of oneself, their environment, altered perception of time, and increased sensitivity to outside stimulus.”

We hope that this article helps better inform you on how amazing and interesting shrooms are, and whether they are the right fit for you. Read more about these magical fungi at our previous blog post here.

About magic mushrooms

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